4 Times to Boost Your Skin Care Regimen

Breakouts are unfortunately not limited to your teenage years. Many adults face acne flare-ups for a variety of reasons, all of which call for extra TLC. Learn about some of the most common reasons for breakouts to make adjustments to your current skin care routine.

Why Is My Skin Breaking Out More Than Usual?

1. Winter

Harsh winter weather dries out skin. Blasts of indoor heat then further exacerbate the problem. Skin stripped of oil isn’t ideal, since it means the natural barrier between your pores and bacteria is gone. When your skin is extra dry, your body will try to produce more oil to compensate. Get in the habit of moisturizing with different products for day and night to protect from winter elements. Use products designed for your skin type and add colloidal oatmeal to your skin care regimen. The fine powder helps restore your skin’s natural barrier.

2. Before & During Menstruation

skin careHormonal changes before and during menstrual periods often manifest on the face, resulting in breakouts. The mid-cycle increase in progesterone, for example, produces more sebum, an oily skin lubricant that bacteria loves. If you are prone to breakouts during menstruation, consider taking birth control pills to regulate your hormones and clear your skin. Also, avoid touching your skin to keep bacteria and dirt off of your face. You should also steer clear of foods that contribute to inflammation, such as dairy or anything fried.

3. Stressful Situations

Stress increases the production of certain hormones, including androgens that increase sebum. Hormonal imbalances from chronic stress also contribute to sweating, often resulting in acne. Help yourself de-stress for your skin and your overall health with exercise, meditation, and spending relaxing time with friends and family. Use recommended acne treatments to control existing breakouts; however, be careful not to over-use products with benzoyl peroxide and salicylic acid since they dry out skin.

4. Sleeping With Makeup On

Going to bed without washing your face is a major skin care blunder. It pushes makeup and whatever environmental pollutants are on your face deep into your pores, resulting in breakouts or other issues like styes. Thoroughly cleanse your skin every night before bed using a gentle product suited to your face. Change your pillowcase often as well so you aren’t sleeping on dead skin cells and excess oil that clog pores.

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