We are especially grateful for comments given by our patients.  All reviews are written by actual patients seen in our office.  Star ratings have been rounded down to the nearest number.
Rosacea is under control and looking great.
Mike A.

I came to Rustad when I was younger and as an adult as well. They do amazing work and are a great office!

A. Vondra

Best Dermatoligist I’ve ever seen!! Within 2 week my face feels and looks amazing!!!

Xiomara Perea

Dr. Rustad diagnosed my thick and deep sores as psoriasis. He prescribed an ointment he developed. I used it and within one week the deep sores disappeared. I am so thankful as the sores were very uncomfortable. Thank you Dr. Rustad

Karen Sachtleben

I have battled the embarrassment of psoriasis for over 20 years. Constant flare ups that left a trail of flakes wherever I went. They would get so bad and painful that I just didn’t want to even hang out with family because I couldn’t enjoy myself. I was so miserable and uncomfortable. Recently the flare ups were so bad that they covered almost 80% of my body. I finally decided I couldn’t manage it on my own but didn’t want the injections that my son is on. So I sought out treatment with Rustad Dermatology. WOW!!!!! I just can’t believe that without oral medication or injections that my psoriasis is almost completely gone. No more flakes, no more pain. I can wear shorts again without being embarrassed with all the staring. I just wish I hadn’t waited so long. I am so happy with my treatment that I have now talked my son into seeking the same treatment so he can forego his monthly injections. I would recommend Rustad Dermatology if you would like total relief without all of the meds!! I really want to thank all the staff that have been treating me. You all have been wonderful!!
John Adams

john adams

Extremely satisfied with psoriasis treatment by Dr. Rustad. I had psoriasis on my hands and feet and Dr. Rustad treated it with an injection under the affected areas and creams. It was taken care of in a couple of weeks. I highly recommend him. Also, he’s a very nice guy.

Carmey Ross

Very fast and positive results, almost immediate growth!


I am so thankful I found Dr. Rustad!!! I am 56 yrs old and looked like I was going through puberty again! Acne was horrible and so embarrassing at my age! It affected my confidence. Dr. Rustad’s office staff got me in right away and were very professional and friendly! Dr. Rustad was so friendly, compassionate, and professional! I just can’t say enough kind things about this office! He knew exactly what my issue was and I saw results within days of starting treatment! I haven’t felt this good about my skin in years!!! I wish I had met him sooner!!

Angela Kelley
I have had several procedures at Rustad dermatology, and have been pleased with them all. I have been at the Omaha office and the Lincoln office, the staff at both locations are very friendly and helpful.

Went to another doctor for my psoriasis and it didnt get any better after using his medications for 4 months. Came here and already has improved more in 2 weeks than it did in the 4 months.


I was discharged yesterday(Aug. 7) from Dr. Rustad’s care for removal of basal cell cancer on my nose. Several tissue layers were removed, each layer tested in the nearby laboratory, until the final tissue layer showed no further cancer cells. My husband and I were given a gift certificate to a nearby Village Inn to have brunch as we waited for the test results. I was grateful we didn’t have to return to our home in Hastings following each layer. We live 100 miles from Lincoln. One of my P.E.O. Sisters went to her Dermatologist with a similar diagnosis. She had to leave the office and return to her home following each layer of tissue removal. Her tissue specimens were sent away and she had to return 3 different times until the specimen results were clear. I feel fortunate that I chose Dr. Rustad for my Dermatology needs.

Jan Franzen RN

After suffering for over THIRTY YEARS with moderate Psoriasis, and trying several medications that never seemed to work,I made the decision to visit Dr. Rustad. He informed me “We are going to get rid of your Psoriasis”.Initially I thought that would take a miracle. Well did he ever prove me wrong! After a week of using the topical ointment he came up with after his many years of practice,my psoriasis had COMPLETELY cleared! After thirty years of dealing with Psoriasis, it was gone! Dr. Rustad is the Only Dr. prescribing this harmless medication anywhere, as I said ,he came up with it himself.So if you are one of those with a similar problem such as myself, do yourself a favor and go see him. You will not be sorry! Unlike all the pills you see on TV that claim to clear up the condition,that have horrible side effects or even result in death,This treatment is completely harmless, very inexpensive,AND IT WORKS! Thank you Dr. Rustad! You gave me my life back!

Roger Brown

I have been going to Dr. Rustad for many years and he is far and away the best dermatologist around. He can see you within days instead of waiting weeks or months. He knows exactly what needs to be done to treat your skin problem and gives prescriptions that immediately fix the problem. I love going to a knowlegable doctor and not going to the emergency room where they aren’t sure what to do. I had a rash that persisted for weeks and I saw him within one day and the problem cleared up within 5 days. Everyone who comes here will get the fastest and best care anywhere else.

Lee Witzel

great doctor and i have been in different offices and doctor before but doctor rustad knows what he is doing, highly recommend him.

daryoosh sar bakhshi
I have been seeing Dr. Rustad for close to 30 years, starting out with acne as a teen. I’m a Registered Nurse and know the importance of a good skin specialist. I have sent my children and husband to him, as well. Dr. Rustad is an intelligent doctor with a great bedside manner! I will continue to utilize his expertise and recommend him to family and friends. Thanks for the good care, Dr. Rustad!
Angie C.
I was able to be scheduled for appointments very quickly! The doctor diagnosed me quickly, and then within 4 visits my skin was cleared! Thanks to the kind and helpful staff who made this process simple and fast.
I have been fighting this skin problem on my nose for over 5 years. I was going to a different clinic and they just kept freezing it and it never went away so I decided to try doctor Rustad office and wow sure wish I would’ve done that earlier found out that I have something different and now have been getting the proper treatment and now it’s almost gone. Thank you so much
Sherry Wabs

I had been dealing with acne since I was in the 7th grade (I’m currently in my 20’s) and had tried everything under the sun to get rid of the problem. I had been to several other dermatologists who had prescribed different topical and oral medications, but none of them got rid of my acne. After no success with prescriptions, I tried Proactive, Lovely Skin products, and other various creams and washes. I went to one more dermatologist who recommended Accutane, which is a drug that treats acne internally. I did not feel comfortable using that and stopped seeing that doctor. I continued to read on the subject, and finally came to the conclusion that my acne was probably from a hormonal imbalance and would have to be fixed with some type of hormonal treatment. My mom suggested I go to one more doctor, and I reluctantly went to see Doctor Rustad. Immediately upon seeing me he made it clear that he intended to fix the problem without wasting any time. He was very blunt about things, and answered any questions I had. He also informed me that Accutane was a horrible way to treat acne, and that his treatment had nothing to do with hormones. I was skeptical about some of his methods, but decided to go ahead and follow his instructions. I began using an oral medication and a couple other prescriptions. I had never tried any of the prescriptions before, but was able to call the office and get any help I needed about how to use them and what to expect once I started using them. Initially I became worried about the drying effect the medication was having on my skin, but Dr. Rustad informed me that was normal and essential to clearing away the infection from the acne. I also did not fully understand how sensitive my skin was to sun while taking the antibiotics, and as a result got an extremely irritating sunburn on my face and neck. The nurse helped me find a sunscreen that took care of any future problems. In addition to the at-home treatment, I also went into the office weekly for extractions, where he removed the acne using a column extractor (a small hand tool). While this treatment was briefly uncomfortable, I could see positive results only a few days after the extractions. Eventually my appointments decreased to monthly ones, and in less than a year my skin was clear. I was so impressed with the results that I was surprised that I had not heard of Dr. Rustad earlier. He was different from every other dermatologist I had been to. Also, unlike some of the medicines I had tried previously, His medications were never painful to apply. He and his staff were always inviting and helpful. I no longer have to wear makeup and don’t have to waste time on a long morning regimen of creams and medicines. Going to Rustad dermatology was one of the best decisions I have made.

Charity Nelson

very polite staff, treats u well, dealing with a soar finger so long got prescription used once fills 80% better than before
thank you
Dr Rustad

Dorothy Riggins

very short wait for an appointment (one day!)
I was examined by Dr Rustad , thouroughly and quickly.
I was pleasantly surprised with the professionalism and efficiency of the entire staff. Thanks.

joel ochsner

I would highly recommend Dr. Rustad. he is no nonsense and performs expeditiously..

Thomas Beamer
Came in with really bad acne on my cheeks and forehead and after a few weeks on the medicine prescribed to me my acne had gone away and had left almost no scaring!
I came to see Dr. Rustad about 25 yrs ago before I moved away., I have since returned and remembered the wonderful job that he had done on my skin imperfections, and so I came back and am still impressed with his technique and skill.
D. S.

My experience as Rustad Dermatology has been life changing. After suffering from acne for over 7 years, getting local acne surgery and a prescribed medication changed everything. It feels incredible to finally have a clear face after years of dealing with acne. My only regret was that I didn’t seek treatment sooner. Getting treated stopped my acne and prevented future scarring. The staff are friendly, and I am very satisfied with my experience.

Jack Sarles

Dr. Rustad is excellent. I usually get in same week I call. I had terrible psoriasis. Instead of prescribing one of those dangerous, immune-suppressing pills like most dermatologists wanted to give me, we cleared it up with some externally applied compounds he has, as well as adjustments in lifestyle. His knowledge and expertise are vast. Besides his professionalism, he’s compassionate and friendly. I can tell he actually cares about me as a person. I’ve seen a lot of dermatologists, and he’s my favorite by far.

John Philip Johnson

When I came into Rustad Dermatology I had psoriasis plaques on the majority of my body, all of which were raised, cracked, dry, and very painful. Using only the topical medications prescribed by Dr. Rustad, as well his instructions concerning baths, oils, lotions, and UV exposure I was able to become almost 90% free of psoriasis in only two weeks. This is amazing considering other dermatologists have wanted to prescribe me oral medications without high hopes of success.

Leo Brauning
They were able to fit my appointment in vary quickly. The staff was very friendly and helpful, and I got a direct diagnosis and prescription that worked right away!
Dr Rustad makes me laugh when he tells me my smile is bigger than a rose on the bottom of a canyon floor, He’s a fun guy!

Ten years ago I made an appointment with a dermatologist in west Omaha and that Dr. told me there was nothing they could do for me. I had a red skin irritation on my frown line that expanded to my cheeks and then progressively around my mouth area, along with a tingling sensation that I could no longer deal with. So two weeks ago I made an appointment with Dr. Elliot Rustad. Which changed my life for the better. Like his business card states “a tradition of caring. A record of results “ within two weeks with the proper medication he prescribed I had amazing results and couldn’t be happier.

John Torchia
Waiting time was long, but Dr Rustad is very knowledgeable and took good care of me.
Chris Junker

I am an LPN and spend a lot of time in gloves, so when I started seeing Dr. Rustad my hands were horrible. They were red, inflamed to the point that they looked like sausages, painful and oh how they itched, but with the help of Dr. Rustad they are 90% better and I am not embarrassed by my hands anymore. I wasn’t pushed off to a PA I was totally cared for by Dr Rustad at every visit it was refreshing and I will recommend him to anyone. Thank you Dr Rustad for all you have done.

excellent! I have had this lesion for many years. It has been treated with antibiotics etc, but in two visits it’s now completely closed
Wendy Rogers
I have struggled with acne for years. It seemed like I tried everything, but nothing worked. I came to see Dr. Rustad and I saw my acne improve within the first couple of weeks. Great Doctor and great experience!

I have been going here over a year and I have seen my acne improve immensely from every visit. Dr. Rustad and the staff are super welcoming and always help to provide a quick and easy appointment. I also love that I actually get to see Dr. Rustad every time I come too.

Gracen Korfanty
My experiences with Dr. Rustad have been very good. Appointments are available without needing to wait for weeks or even months. There have been some fairly long waits in the waiting room, but the flip-side of that is his thoroughness in the examination room. Already at my first appointment he took the time to remove numerous keratoses from my face and upper body, and his pricing policy made it possible to do all that needed to be done. He also removed a basal cell carcinoma from my nose, and was able to verify by lab analysis during the time of the procedure that he had gotten it all, so I wouldn’t need to make a second trip for a repeat procedure. It turned out well, just like he guaranteed it would, saying he has a 100% success rate with such things, and has done thousands of them.

This md is nothing short of amazing !! He caught the problem immediately which five other health professionals ( including two mds) mis diagnosed!!
Best and most through office visit !

Kathy isherwood rn
If you are looking for a quality dermatologist that will charge you a fraction of any one else in town…then go to Dr. Rustad. He offers a cash price that is 10% of what most would pay going through their insurance. I had over two dozen spots removed from my back and a few months later you couldn’t see any scaring. Very professional care at a great price. He is in Omaha on Monday afternoons.
Steve Royer

I had lived with Rosacea for at least 15 years. My family physician did not no how to treat it very effectively and unfortunately did not recommend me to a dermatologist. I finally decided to try one. I picked DR Rustad more or less at random and he knew just what I needed. Have been very clear since. You can get in to see him usually within one day. And not a long wait time at his office.

Tom Herron
I have been going to Dr. Rustad for over 20 years, and always have great results.
Gil Kisling

After years of my family physician being able to do little to nothing to help a rash on my calves, I finally followed my brother’s advice and got a referral to Dr. Rustad.

Within 2 DAYS of using his prescribed treatment, things were better, and by my followup treatment a week later, the rash was gone.

I had been reluctant to go to a dermatologist, as I’d heard horror stories about another dermatology practice using what I call “chiropractic methods” of healthcare where you are never really cured, and just need to keep coming in for followup after followup. 2 visits, and my persistent skin problem is fixed. I wish all healthcare providers were this efficient.

James Kosmicki
Started going here after my acne started to flare up pretty badly, after 2 weeks of Rustad’s help my acne was not only better but staying clear. It assisted in my acne and my complexion overall. The staff is also very friendly and answer all my questions with great knowledge. I would not want to be going anywhere else!
Hanna S.

Dr. Rustad is an awesome doctor!! He really treated my daughters acne very well without harmful medications. He’s so knowledgeable but yet explains things so we can understand. He takes his time so we get the best results possible. We really look forward to our appointments as he is such a character with a huge personality and so funny. I highly recommend him!

Jeanne Johnson

I was seeing another dermatologist for months for adult acne, with no results. I made an appointment with Dr Rustad and got in quickly. He prescribed me an oral medication and a compounded cream and instructed me not use expensive moisturizers. He was 100% correct. Within two weeks I was getting no new pimples. After a month, my skin is nearly cleared up completely. It didn’t dry out my skin or cause irritation. Could not be happier! He has always been pleasant and funny at my visits. I highly recommend him. He knows what he’s doing!


i was able to get into Dr. Rustad right away, I have been fighting a foot issue since Sept of this year in and out of other Dr offices taking meds but finally was treated with the right thing and it is gone. All i took was a creme .

B Cole
Called in they got me right in saw the doctor same day 5 stars for Dr. Rustad thanks great experience..!

Had a sore on my but that wouldn’t heal. Went to many derms. , wound clinics, etc.
One derms even tried to cut it out. Went to Dr. Rustad. He looked at it and said it was just a pressure sore! Prescribed a compounded salve. One month it was healed
and still is after 2 years.
Got sores in my mouth and groin. Saw 5 different Drs. with five different diagnoses.
Saw Dr. Rustad a week ago, and it is already half healed. 5 stars are not enough!!

Gerald F. Gulland
Dr. Rustad is gentle and kind. Getting an appointment is easy and usually within one week. His treatments including removal of skin related cancers is done in the office and saved us thousands of dollars in potential hospital costs. He has pioneered treatment options that make this saving possible and he guarantees a 100% cure. For my cancer this trend has held true. Dr. Rustad reports that none of his other patients have had a reoccurence. With my success, I find that totally believable.
I would recommend Rustad Dermatology to anyone. They were able to get me in for an appointment within a few days. They were also able to perform my procedure on the first day without having to make another appointment.
I have been going to Dr. Rustad for several years and have been very pleased with his services. Recently, I had a fast growing skin cancer. Before I knew what it was, I was encouraged by the receptionist to make an appointment as soon as I could. I am grateful for that as they got me in right away. The surgery to remove it was done immediately and will little scarring. I enjoy the staff and the advice I have received has been excellent. I highly recommend the services of Dr. Rustad’s office.
Steve Welton
The doctor did surgery on a cancer that was on my hand and he did an excellent job. He has been giving me cortisone shots also. It looks and feels much better.
Sherry Lankford
I started coming here mid-summer and was cleared up by the time school started! I have no scarring and wasn’t put on any hormones. I feel great!
Have been going to Rustad Dermatology my whole life, Dr Rustad is very smart and lays the cards on the table. : )
Joan Armstrong
Dr. Rustad was able to see me within two days of my original call! He was quick, effective, and clearly knowledgeable. I’ve seen incredible improvements in only three weeks. Can’t recommend him enough!
Megan M.
Great procedure! Got in fast and got immediate care from the Doctor. Thank you, Doc!

Dr. Rustad has obviously been treating patients with psoriasis for a long time. After many years of different doctors, different creams, and frustration, Dr. Rustad was able to clear up my psoriasis easily within a month. Thank you for getting my skin to finally stop itching and to be clear and smooth.

Dr. Rustad took care of my sons acne and the cancer on my lip.
Cindy York

Dr. Rustad gave the correct and accurate diagnosis on day one concerning my Granuloma Annulare. I got fast and great treatment thanks to his knowledge and expertise! Don’t go anywhere else!!


Was able to get in to see Dr. Rustad very quickly. Took care of my issues very quickly and had tremendous results!


Troy Phipps
Rustad Dermatology is great! I went somewhere before that did not clear my acne, and Rustad fixed me right up! HIGHLY recommend.

I have had the best experience here at Rustads. I always get to see Dr. Rustad and the staff here is so kind and friendly. I have always have a pleasant time when I come here. I definitely would recommend this place to anyone who is looking for a dermatologist.

Ali Kanan Ramadhan

I have been dealing with psoriasis for over thirty years. After using a new prescription prescibded by Dr Elliott Rustad at Rustad Dermatology my psoriasis has cleared up in just two weeks

Veronica Snoke

Two things I like about Dr. Rustad and his practice.
1) Professionalism.
Dr. Rustad is a great dermatologist and is no B.S. You’ll get great healthcare with him, and he won’t try to sell any beauty ‘upgrades’. His attitude is “Let’s get this done now, and at the best cost.” People like and trust Dr. Rustad.
2) Accessibility.
Even though his practice is busy, it’s not so busy you will not be seen quickly. Previously, in PA, I had to wait months for an appointment with a dermatologist, and, if I missed it, had to wait months again to get a new appointment. With Dr. Rustad, I’ve made appointments w/in days, and I bet I could get in w/in hours. He will stay late to complete important patient visits, and not push people off a couple of days or weeks. He will get your treatment done ‘now’.

Michael Pasieka

I can not thank Dr. Rustad and his staff enough. They were so accommodating and squeezed me in the same day I called. His staff was courteous and friendly and his knowledge is second to none. He knew my problem immediately and knew just how to address it. I was incredibly impressed by my entire experience here and would recommend them to anyone.

Nikki Thompson

Got great results from Dr. Rustad ! No waiting a month to get in and only 1 visit cleared up my rash issue. Best dermatologist ever .


I have had a spot on my temple for 5 years. I asked every doctor I saw if it was a problem. They all said no it wasn’t a problem. At first it would be dormant, then active, then cycle through that again and again. 2 years ago I saw a derm dr and asked him it was a problem. He said that if it were cancer it would grow and it wasn’t growing, so it wasn’t cancer. It got worse, with stinging and bleeding, so I made an appointment with Dr. Rustad-he had treated my son when he was a baby. He looked at it and immediately said that may be cancer. Dr. Rustad did a biopsy and sure enough it was cancer-basal carcinoma-a slow growing cancer, but cancer none the less. He did Mohs on it to be sure he got all of it. Wish I had come to him years ago and the incision would have been smaller and I wouldn’t have gone through all those years wondering.

Sheila Tandy

My acne was so bad, and I was starting to get really bad scaring, but after my treatments I have almost no acne! I didn’t have to use accutane, and my face healed so fast!

Layne Storrs
When I came to Dr Rustad I had developed bad acne. Him and his staff were knowledgeable and friendly. They gave me hope that there was a solution. My acne has cleared 100%. Then recently I had an allergic reaction to a face product. Once again they knew what needed done and it cleared up. On top of that they squeezed me in that day on a Friday afternoon because I was so panicked. I would recommend him to anyone!!!!
Sydney S.
I recommend going to Dr. Rustad because he is simply the whole package!! He is genuinely honest and cares about you and what’s going on and he is not only the best dermatologist but one of the sweetest people I have met and gotten to know. I love going to my appointments because it’s like talking to a friend. What an inspiration he is to me, and many others. He truly just wants the best for you and wants to help!!!

My teenage son was suffering from severe acne to the point it was affecting his day to day routine and sadly he was being bulled at school. I found Dr Rustad online and from the reviews he was highly recommended. I called and was able to schedule appointment the same week. We have been seeing Dr Rustad for the last 5 months. We feel like family every time we go. Office staff is always very friendly, fast check-in and check-out. Nursing staff is outstanding always friendly and very educated. Dr Rustad is a kind hearted man who is very dedicate to his work and his clients. Dr Rustad is very informative he explains everything and the type of treatment he will be performing. Over the last 5 months my son’s skin is a million times better, we still have a ways to go due to the type of acne he has but to see my son smile and see his self-confidence bloom is the most rewarding thing a mother could ask for. Side Note: no more bullying at school he now received compliments

Acne patient- stopped the scarring and got rid of close to all the acne on my face
R. G.
Dr. Rustad is amazing! I never have to wait too long & he & his staff are super friendly & helpful! I wouldn’t go anywhere else!!!!
Tara T.

I have been plagued with psoriasis on my fingers and the palms of my hands. I got to the point that my fingers were cracked and bleeding. It was difficult to use my hands for any simple task. Repeated visits to a local dermatologist over the past several years yielded misdiagnosis, many tubes of medication, which did not help and a lot of expense. After visiting my primary care doctor he suggested that I look for a new dermatologist and he referred me to Dr. Rustad. I made an appointment and Dr. Rustad diagnosed the condition immediately and wrote a prescription for a compounded medication. I began the medication and within two weeks my fingers were healing. Four weeks later my psoriasis is gone and my fingers are clear. I highly recommend Dr. Rustad to anyone with skin issues. This doctor is great!!!

Steve Snook
I came to Dr. Rustad at 40 years old with bad acne breakouts. He prescribed me Sulfacetamide cream and it has been a life changer. I no longer get breakouts and it leaves my skin soft and blemish free. I wish I would of came to him 25 years earlier. This stuff is amazing. Thank you Dr. Rustad.

Was able to set appointment in less than 5 minutes over the phone. Open appointment in just a few days. Visits are quick and to the point. Skin treatments did the job.


Mike Palm

Dr. Rustad did a treatment after 20 years of having a buttock ulcer. He healed it in less than a year. wonderful!


Dr. Rustad is an amazing Dermatologist. I wish I had before pictures to share, but I was so embarrassed about the condition of my face (rosacea & acne) I would not take a picture and completely avoided any pictures being taken of me, seriously it was bad! Today, I’m a different woman. Thank you Dr. Rustad!!


I am so happy with Rustad Dermatology!
I had Basil cell Carcinoma.
I went in to RD to have a suspicious growth on my neck. I got in within a few days, had a biopsy done, got the call that my growth was positive and was in to have it removed with-in a week and a half went in to have it completely removed.
Not only did Dr. Rustad get it all but the scar hardly shows. I’ve had 3 doctors complement the job well done!

After going to different dermatologists for many years and not seeing results, I finally decided to switch to Dr. Rustad. After only about 4 weeks of using his treatment, I saw significant improvement in my acne. After going here for almost 4 months, my face is almost always clear and I am very happy with the results.
Abigail M.

I was diagnosed with a malignant melinoma on my nose. Dr. Rustad removed the cancer got it all and proceeded to do a one inch by three inch skin graph and it looks great. When it’s completely healed you’re not going to be able to see it. Would trust him with my kids life.

Steven J Allen
I have been a patient of Dr. Rustad’s for at least 5 years. As a fair-skinned redhead with allergies, he has treated a number of skin conditions including eczema, psoriasis and friable nails. Dr. Rustad uses a variety of treatments to clear the issue including steroids or compound prescriptions. Once the condition is under control, he offers simple methods of treatment that do not require a prescription. Sometimes the treatment is something so simple as washing with a bath oil, keeping hands out of water and away from chemicals, or an application of an over the counter nail treatment for brittle nails. If I cannot find the recommended product at my local drugstore, I have found it available on-line with little or no difficulty. Dr. Rustad does not prescribe drugs that compromise my immune system now or cause long-term side effects. I am grateful that he looks after my well-being!
I had a mole removed by Dr. Rustad. I had a very good experience. I was in and out in a short time. Dr. Rustad and his staff are very nice to work with. Thank you!
R. D.
I have been bringing my teenagers to Dr. Rustad for a couple of months now and the results are fantastic. Without using hormones, my kids are seeing their acne clear. The regiment is easy for them to follow. Great, friendly staff here too!
Robin Poole
I am so happy that I came to see Dr Rustad . He has healed up the rash that Ive had for years , in a week. I cant believe how great my skin looks already. I would recommend him to anyone that needs a Dermatologist!!.
Christina Workman

Really enjoy seeing the doctor He is a nice fellow and really knows his trade
Takes one look at the issues on my skin and knows exactly what to do.

thanks Doctor Elliot

James Pedersen

Dr. Rustad was able to get me in the same week that I called. The staff is friendly and helpful! My acne and acne scars have almost disappeared quickly and effortlessly. I feel comfortable using the medicines because they aren’t harsh, but they show quick results. Overall a great experience.

I’ve been going to Dr. Rustad for quite a few years now I want to say how pleased I am with his work. He has removed a cancerous lesion from my lip & I have no scar tissue. He has removed numerous moles in different areas that were not cancerous. His fees are very reasonable. He is one of the best in Lincoln & I recommend him highly.
Rita Chauza

I had a great experience and got great results!!

Kaley Stokey
I have been seeing Dr.Rustad for a little over a month and a half now and my skin has improved quite a bit. The visits are a little painful with the extractions and what not, but I understand that it’s necessary, and I appreciate the time and care that is given to me.

Did an excellent job. My scar looks nice, it is hardly visible. I was impressed with his work and would refer him to anyone.

Bonnie Wach

My son suffered with acne. Dr. Rustad was able to take him the following week. He put him on a topical regimen and within 2 weeks there was a drastic improvement. The staff is also very friendly.

I had a cancer on my left ear. Dr. Rustad removed the cancer and did a flap. I am very happy with it. Good care.
William Armstrong

I’ve had warts and cysts removed by Dr. Rustad. I always see him on my first visit for something and the problem gets taken care of then. Nothing has ever come back and I don’t have any scars on my hands to show that there was anything there in the first place.

Ryan Sump

I appreciated the decisive and professional care.

Vince Genco
Dr. Rustad was able to find a way to clear my cystic acne with out using accutane, hormones, or other harsh medications. I had visited other dermatologists who had told me that these types of medications would be my only option, but Dr. Rustad had other ideas that were very successful! I thought my face would be permanently scarred, but after visiting Dr. Rustad, he was able to find the right course of treatment to clear my skin and left my face scar free. I can’t recommend him enough!
B. Roe
Rustad has done a excellent job clearing up my face. I have no more scaring and my face is improving greatly.
Tanner S.
Very fast and easy! Nice and professional people!
K. Duncan
My acne and blackheads are becoming a problem of the past. Thanks!
J. A.
My adult acne cleared up so quickly, I was really impressed with my results. After just 4 visits my skin is 100% better and I don’t need to return for another appointment for 3 months, and all this was done without the use of hormone treatment. I only wish I had come to see Dr. Rustad early!
C. K.

July 17, 2019
Dr. Rustad:
I just want to share my experience with you of living with “psoriasis’ since childhood to a present 80 year old man. This has been a lifetime of different Doctors, medications, treatments. All with little help, and a constant fight, and disappointment.
I had a serious breakout of psoriasis on my legs being knee down to and including my feet for the past year. I have seen other dermatologist with very minimal success. It just kept getting worse while I applied prescription ointments and creams. We tried different light treatments and laser treatments with disappointing results. I was considering trying one of the newer oral medications for relief. The issue with the oral medications was the cost even after insurance participation.
Recently I had an appointment with my dentist and he saw my legs, as I was wearing shorts and commented that he had a lady in not long ago and her legs that looked a lot like mine. He shared that she had gone to Dr. Elliot Rustad and got amazing relief. I called his office and got an appointment. My first visit was on Wednesday, July 3. He prescribed some home care using a bath oil, and an ointment medication. Within 2 days of treatment my legs showed noticeable healing. Today, 2 weeks later I am clear. It’s the most effective treatment I’ve ever had and I would recommend to any psoriasis sufferers to make an appointment and share in this relief.

Richard D. Rice
I got right in and they took care of my needs right away, they got it right the first time so there was no need to schedule any follow ups. Problem was solved.
Jake K.
I have been a patient for years. Very satisfied.
Dolores Utecht

My Dad had a number of melanomas. Now in my 70’s, I see Dr Rustad on a regular basis– to catch anything early. An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure.

Bill Arfmann
I have been seeing the dermatologist for about a 1 year and couple months and i have seen a fantastic result and it gets better and better everyday using the the face shampoo and the compound cream and i will use it till the acne is gone.
J. C.

I had basal cell carcinoma surgery on my forehead in July 2018. My forehead is 100% free of cancer and also free of a scar!! I am indebted to Dr. Rustad’s experience and expertise.

Jeannette Christianson
STARTED TREATING FOR PSORIASIS A FEW MONTHS AGO. Dr. Rustad and staff have been very helpful in treatment plan and care and also with education about psoriasis. Had been treating with other practice with no results. Have had great results in just a short time. The whole staff is very friendly. Would strongly recommend Rustad Dermatology.
K. M.

In the fall of 2018 I began to notice dry blisters all over my hands and feet. I went to my doctor who immediately sent me to a dermatologist. That dermatologist couldn’t tell me what was wrong. They gave me three separate rounds of steroids which cleared it up but when the steroid wore off the blisters would come back even worse each time. I had to have help and my secretary suggested Dr. Rustad. I got an appointment immediately and in less than five minutes Dr. Rustad diagnosed me as having psoriasis . He began treating me and I got better. Now he has a new treatment for me and after using this treatment for only five days my hands are completely cleared of the blisters from psoriasis. I can’t thank Dr. Rustad enough and can only say that anyone suffering from psoriasis needs to visit Dr. Rustad. You really don’t need to take those expensive prescriptions!

Roger R Batt

Today was my 15 year old daughter’s first visit to Dr. Rustad’s office. The staff was very welcoming and they have all the protective steps in place from Covid-19. Dr. Rustad was very kind and gave us great information!

Nicole Giebelhaus
Dr. Rustad is great and always explains why he is doing what he is doing. He answers all of my questions that I bring into his office.
Colin K.

Dr. Rustad has helped me to combat my acne. It is getting better by the day and I can’t wait to see how my face looks in the end. I highly recommend Dr.Rustad.