New Year, New You. Going Deeper Than The Surface For a Happier, Healthier, You.

Every New Year calls for some change, this year you might have decided you want to eat healthier, or spend less money, but change does not come as easily as we would like. Our habits and routines can make it more difficult to take the first step towards our growth. When it comes down to it change is hard and timing is essential. The New Year has arrived and our drive and outlooks are strong and bright, if there was ever a better time to set the stage for your new routine, I wouldn’t know it. If there is one thing in this world you can do for yourself that will seriously make you happier, and continuously show your health, it is taking care of your skin.




We are talking, preventative everyday care that doesn’t take an hour and you can do it on YOUR time.


1. Product

When you decide to take the step towards a better skin care routine it is vitally important that you are using safe products, after all your skin is your body’s largest organ.

So often we are misled by the media regarding these ever so crucial products, “hypo-allergenic”, “all natural”, and “fragrance free” all mean different things and if you don’t understand them you should seek the guidance of a trusted Board-Certified Dermatologist, such as Nebraskans’ trusted Doctor Elliott Rustad. Keep an eye out while on the hunt for your new regime though, more often than not ingredients like benzoyl peroxide or salicylic acid are found in over the counter and mail order washes. These harsh products are commonly placed in washes because by law they cannot contain any prescription ingredients, even though they tend to have uncomfortable side effects. The safest route before meeting with your dermatologist is to seek out products that are non comedogenic as they are specifically formulated so that they won’t clog your pores. You’ll want a face wash, a moisturizer, and sunscreen, and after you have chosen your new skin care products, its time to get the routine down.


2. Wash

Cleansing your face is relaxing and so important in obtaining your healthy skin.

Your face should ALWAYS be washed at the very least, twice a day. Once in the morning after arising, and once before bed. Washing our face in the morning removes of all the oil build up and sweat we accrue over the night while we are asleep. Fun fact; using a cloth to wash your face can over stimulate your skin and your body will react causing the release of more oils, and potentially acne. So stick to using your hands, wash your hands, wet your face and get to cleansing, the right way. Remember to pat your face dry, we don’t want to dry out our skin or tug and pull at it any more than our daily habits already have us doing.


3. Moisturize

Not every person needs to moisturize their face every day. Your skin is smart, and it knows how much oil to produce to keep your face healthy.

If you are using the right products and taking care of your skin, you should be able to keep moisturizing on a strict, only when needed, basis. Weather and other ailments can definitely affect your skin, and if you start to notice that our harsh winter weather is drying you out, use a pea size amount of your new non comedogenic moisturizer at night after you have washed your face.

Remember to stay hydrated, your body needs H2O for everyday functions, and to help maintain your look.


4. Sunscreen

We all have heard the statistics on sun damage and its effects, so we won’t go into it all now.

But sunscreen does help prevent brown spots (some of which can be precancerous) and wrinkles, both of which no one wants to see develop. So stick to a minimum of 15 SPF for daily use and a minimum of 30 SPF for prolonged sun exposure. We tend to see that a large majority of makeup products include an SPF, this is okay for everyday use but if you are expecting to be out in the sun more than usual actual sunscreen application is definitely necessary.



5. Relax

Find some time for yourself and relax a little.

Your skin reacts to stress just as much as your brain does. This is why a healthy skin routine is so helpful. Your skin can go through the smallest changes when you are sick or stressed, we have to learn what our skin is like when it is healthy so that we will know when something isn’t right.

6. Monitor

As the days go by and you see a happier, healthier you in the mirror remember to watch out for any changes in your skin, a growing mole, weird acne, or even a strange spot you never noticed before can be something of concern.



Skin care routines are by no means a one size fits all ordeal, everyone is different and our skin reflects it, if you have a concern about your skin and routine, book an appointment with your local board-certified dermatologist, Doctor Elliott Rustad to learn more about a healthy approach tailored specifically to your skin.

Board-certified dermatologists use ancient wisdom and modern skin science to make sure they can diagnose and treat you accurately, not all “skin specialists” go through the intensive education and training that a board certified dermatologist is required to.


Be smart with your skin, and always consult a professional.


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